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Hello friends, welcome to my blog. My previous blog discussed the steps involved in a Procure to Pay business process. This blog will discuss the steps involved in a Hire to Retire business process. (HR Business Process).

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The hire-to-retire (H2R) business process involves a series of steps and activities in the entire employee lifecycle, from when they are hired to when they retire. The H2R process typically includes the following steps:

  1. Recruitment: The first step in the H2R process is recruitment, which involves identifying the need for new employees and sourcing, screening, and selecting candidates to fill open positions.
  2. Onboarding: After a candidate has been selected, the next step is onboarding, which involves introducing the new employee to the company, its culture, and its policies and procedures.
  3. Training and development: Once the new employee is onboarded, the next step is to provide training and development opportunities to help them acquire the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their role.
  4. Performance management: As the employee progresses in their role, the next step is to provide ongoing performance management, which involves setting goals and objectives, providing feedback, and conducting regular performance evaluations.
  5. Compensation and benefits: As part of the H2R process, it is essential to manage the employee’s compensation and benefits, including their salary, bonuses, and other rewards.
  6. Career development: In addition to providing training and development opportunities, it is also vital to support the employee’s career development, including providing opportunities for advancement and professional growth.
  7. Employee engagement: As part of the H2R process, fostering employee engagement is essential, which involves creating a positive work environment and providing opportunities for employees to contribute to the company’s success.
  8. Retention: The final step in the H2R process is retention, which involves identifying and addressing factors that may lead to employee turnover and implementing strategies to retain valuable employees.

On a high level, these are the steps that are involved in an HR business process. Software applications like SAP SuccessFactors and WorkDay are used to manage these processes.

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