Free and paid training courses available for SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management)

Hello Friends,

(Please note, this blog post is intended for students or someone who is looking to take their first step in the SAP SCM world)

I made a YouTube video about SAP SCM in February 2021. It received a lot of comments and most of them were seeking guidance about what training courses they should choose, where to find them, how much would they cost and whether there are any free options available, etc.

I am hoping to address these questions in this blog. I have also made a video about it which you can check out below.

SAP Supply Chain Management end-to-end business process

To start with, there is one common misconception about SAP SCM, where people assume it as one single product.

Supply Chain Management, in general, itself is a vast subject that contains multiple business process steps and complex scenarios. The steps that are involved in supply chain management can be described below

Design –> Plan –> Procure –> Manufacture –> Sell –> Deliver –> Operate –> Project management

In the YouTube video, I have provided a real-world example and how these process steps can be mapped to different stages of the example.

Now back to the process steps, SAP offers multiple products that can be associated with every one of the steps in end-to-end supply chain management.

While it is important to learn the end-to-end business process of supply chain management on a high level, it is impossible for anyone to learn all the SAP products that come under the SCM category, let alone become an expert in all of them.

So the generic advice is to get a high-level overview of the end-to-end SCM business processes. Then choose a particular process step that you might be interested in, and learn the SAP product that is associated with that particular process step. This would be a good learning strategy to take the first step into the ever-complex world of SCM.

SAP SCM learning pathway

  • Learn the basics using the freely available resources – e.g. YouTube videos, blogs, online tutorials, articles and probably books that are not very expensive.
  • Choose a particular category or process step you might be interested in – e.g. Procurement, Extended Warehouse Management, Transport Management, etc.
  • Invest in a good SAP course – Enroll in an SAP course related to the category you chose in the previous step
  • Get certified – Take an exam and get SAP certified
  • Look for internships/graduate positions/fresher roles – There are tonnes of logistics and supply chain management companies in the world that uses SAP software to perform their operations. Apply for an entry level role or reach out to people in those companies to enquire about internships. Once you get the foot in the door, it will be easy to learn further and advance your career.
  • Gain experience, learn more, repeat

This might sound too simplistic but this is exactly how I started my career 10 years back.

Now, what are some of the resources both free and paid ones that are offered by SAP that you can use for learning purposes?

OpenSAPFree online courses that are offered directly by SAPFree
SAP CommunitiesBlogs, webinars, events, ask questions and receive guidanceFree
SAP Help PortalProduct documents, Learning journeysProducts documents are free but learning journeys will require a learning hub subscription
SAP Learning HubLearning resources specific to roles & skill levelPaid – different subscription level
SAP Training & Certification ShopSAP’s official training & certification shopPaid

Hopefully, this will give you some useful information about the learning materials and courses available for SAP SCM.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comment section. I will try to answer them.

Wishing you all the best!

P.S. Check out my course on Udemy – “Introduction to SAP – The Complete Package for Beginners

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