SAP Course

Hello friends. I am excited to inform you that I have launched an online course. It is called Introduction to SAP – The complete package for beginners.

The course is available on Udemy. You can use the below link and the discount code to receive 20% off. The offer is only valid until the 8th of Feb.

Discount code – MYSAPDISCOUNT

Anyway, who can do this course? This course is meant for a variety of people. You could be a student, you could be a recent college graduate, or you can be an experienced professional that is looking to refresh your SAP memory. Either way, you will benefit from this course.

Below is the agenda for this course.

Chapter 1 – Overview of SAP’s History
Chapter 2 – Overview of SAP Products
Chapter 3 – SAP Technical Architecture
Chapter 4 – SAP ABAP
Chapter 5 – What happens in an SAP Project?
Chapter 6 – What types of jobs are available in the SAP field?
Chapter 7 – How to learn SAP?
Chapter 8 – How to access free SAP demo systems?
Chapter 9 – How to get a job in the SAP field?

It is a 2 hours and 15 minutes course, and it also contains a 150-page PDF document that you can download. The document contains notes, diagrams and links to different types of websites that are covered as part of this course.

Overall, If you want a good understanding of SAP and its latest products, this course will greatly benefit you.

Also, please share the course and the discount code with your friends who might benefit from this course.

Thank you.

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